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Equipment Planning for
Wedding Cinematography

Review these three eԛuipment must haves and you will be on your way to receiving the best high definition motion picture.

1. Stedicam

A device that operates as a stabilizing mount for a motion picture camera in professional movies and television. When utilizing the stedicam you will see lots of long moving handheld shots without the unintentional jerky movement or lack of focus in the shot. The stedicam has become one of the most important tools in the filmmaking world taking on different functioning forms depending on the type of camera use and the utilization of the camera.

Whether in use with a movie camera on a production stage or as a means of filming events in public places, the stedicam can prove helpful to many professionals. Stedicam brings new potential to documentary and film making; and not just for master shots, it also cuts well which is a major factor in a cinematic wedding movie. Offering more choices to the editor increases the percentage of valuable footage. The stedicam glides from one composition to the next when shifting camera positions that interacts as a seamless storytelling continuum. This is extremely important to have at any event to capture the interaction of you and your guest throughout your special occasion.

2. Crane Jib

Professional filmmakers rely on camera crane jibs to create some of the most memorable cinematic shots we know and love in all of our favorite movies. So why wouldn't you want the same ԛuality for your own personal cinematic movie. The Crane Jib is a device that enables cinematographers to get smooth moving shots with the ability to pan horizontally and vertically, or even a full 360 degrees.

A jib is made up of an arm with a camera attached to one end and a counterweight attached to the other. The arm is then attached to a tripod, or some other supporting structure. The whole thing works like a seesaw, but with the balance point located closer to the end with the counterweight, so the camera has a larger range of motion. The Crane Jib is perfect to use when looking to track motion, make a shot more interesting and add height, which is key in making a cinematic wedding movie.

3. Slider

The main purpose of a camera slider is to give you the ability to shoot fluid tracking shots that can be set up and executed in seconds which is imperative at weddings, sweet sixteen's, anniversaries etc. to capture all of those unexpected moments. Tracking shots create a sense of movement passing by the subjects peering on the screen. The slider gives a cinematic feel and professionalism to any type of scene you are shooting. Camera sliders can also be used to create another type of shot called "reveal shot. The reveal shot is a type of camera movement that reveals more or less of a scene. For instance a close up of a bride that slowly pulls back to divulge their surroundings. The beautiful hanging dress and sparkling shoes with the jewelry and makeup on the table showcasing the moments of the bride getting ready for her big day. This type of shot can help you tell a story and liven up a basic shot. This is imperative in cinematography since storytelling is the major component to a cinematic movie.

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