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Making the Most Out of Your Lighting Set

For any production, lighting is the key factor that makes the production. You set the scene and mood of the production with the light. With different lighting effects, you can accentuate the dramatic effects and intrigue your production will have on your audience So, for your next production, when shopping for set supplies and film supplies consider these tips.

1. Choose lighting equipment suitable for the environment you are filming in.

The most important question that you have to ask before choosing lighting equipment for your set and film supplies is “Where are you filming?” The environment of the location is the foundation on which your production is based. If the location of your production has cliffs or you’re shooting scenes where people will be climbing cliffs, you will need to get set supplies that are lightweight so you can easily maneuver them into all the angles of your shot to make sure your subjects and characters are well lit.

2. Choose a versatile lighting set

Most film production sets usually entail shooting videos and stills. Therefore, having lights that can do all saves you both money and time that you would have spent switching setups. Also, instead of carrying two or three different types of lighting set supplies from set to set, invest in a light that can serve as a variety of functions on your set. You cannot afford to miss a great shooting moment because the kind of light you need is not available. To make sure you can do everything as you go, get a lighting set that can be used for any type of image or shot.

3. Budget wisely

Time is essential when you are on set, and even with a set budget, your expenses can easily go high, and if you make the right investments, you may end up saving more in the long run. When getting your set supplies, buy a light of high quality and build – something lightweight that can be easily carried about and will not disappoint you midway through your production.

By following the above tips, if you can get multi-functional lights with excellent color accuracy, you will be spending less time and money during post-production. Light is very important in your film supplies and set supplies, and if you get appropriate lights, your film set will go more smoothly.

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