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Solo Documentary: There Are The Equipment You Need

Producing a good horror or action film in this 21st century can be quite expensive. Nevertheless, if you have a documentary story you will like to share with the world, but you lack finance to hire a crew, don’t just throw away your story in the trash can. Be creative, go solo.

If you have a story, you can come up with a good documentary with minimal equipment and set supplies. We at Atlanta Set Supplies would always want to see your production go smooth even if you have a low budget. That's why we have made a list of equipment you will need to make your solo-documentary run timely and smoothly.

1. Video Camera

This will be first equipment you will need for your documentary. As a one-man crew, you will need to get a camera with lesser bells and whistles. Canon EOS Rebel T7i or Canon EOS Rebel T6i are good DSLR camera that you should get. It is important to be comfortable with your camera and have a basic knowledge on white balance and focusing. White balance makes the colour of your documentary film look natural while focusing will help you control the part of your shot that will be clear or blurry.

2. Zoom Lens

In documentary shooting, you may not have the time to be switching lenses. The best lens for a documentary film is the zoom lens owing to its sharpness and versatility.

3. Shoulder Rig

If you want to move around effortlessly and capture good footage, you will need a good shoulder rig for your video camera. You can watch videos on YouTube to do this yourself.

4. Tripod

Taking steady shots for your documentary film means you will need a tripod to mount your Video camera on. This is very essential.

5. Microphone

Do not rely on the microphone of your camera alone. Camera microphones produce poor sound. Even if your documentary visuals are good no one would like to watch it if the sound is terrible. Make sure you get an external microphone to give your production a quality sound. Remember you are shooting solo, so you will need a microphone you can mount directly on your camera. This will help you capture good audio for your documentary as you shoot.

6. Portable On-Camera Light

The need to may arise for you to interview someone along the way or you may find yourself shooting at night. For you to capture good shots, you will need a Micro Led On-Camera Light.

7. Editing software

After months or weeks of shooting, editing your documentary is the final thing you need to do. Poor editing can ruin all your hard work. There are many editing software you can use for your documentary. It is advisable to use an editing software you have mastered to get the best result.

If you need the basic equipment to make a good documentary, you will need set supplies too. At affordable prices, we provide filmmakers top-quality set supplies for their works, get the best set supplies for your documentary today, call us or send an email and a representative will get back to you.

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