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Tips for Choosing the Best Shooting Location for Your Video

If you have ordered for your set supplies and film supplies, now you may need to do a little research on the perfect location to make your filming stand out. In the film and television industry, there is a position called "Filming Researcher". This researcher finds and retrieves all access for the best filming locations. You may need to act as a researcher for your video.

Here are some things to consider when choosing the best places for your video:

Location adapted to the camera

Take into account the backgrounds, the colors of the walls and the level of space. A predominantly beige and gray desk may not be the most attractive background for an interview. Be aware that technicians will be able to move furniture, add light, color and visual elements to turn your office into a suitable set

Size of the location

Tiny, cluttered places are not practical for shoots. If the camera has to make a big face shot, there is little chance that the background will be visible, unless you set it out of focus for a more aesthetic plan. Often, a large meeting room can be more easily transformed into a personal office.


Filming crews can handle any type of brightness - dark, light, fluorescent or natural, industrial or subtle - as long as they can close! Make sure it is possible to turn off all the lights on your premises. Some brightness doesn’t come out well on camera, and the team will always prefer to use its own lights in these cases.

Quiet and Calm

Clean, clear sound is essential to the success of a professional video. Try to stay motionless in one place for 30 seconds with your eyes closed and you'll have a fair idea of the real sound that this place produces. Unless you want to hear ring tones, noisy ventilation or industrial machinery in the background, choose a quiet place. Another option may be to arrange shooting after the noisy hours.


A large empty space can also cause sound problems. A large piece of concrete can give echoes and a reduced sound. The director of the video can help you find and confirm a suitable place.

Outstanding outdoors

For outdoor shootings, avoid places close to traffic areas, airports, or any noisy machinery. Always check the surrounding sound before shooting. You do not want to film near a school at noon with a yard full of excited kids.


These tips can make sure you experience effective shooting that will produce professional-quality images and sounds but only with help of the right film set. Do you need film supplies and set supplies? Do not fret, Atlanta Film Supplies is a set supply company in Atlanta Georgia with wide range of film equipment to execute your video shoots. Call us today or send an email for a free consultation.

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