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Common Supplies for Darkroom Photography

Whether you are just starting out on your photography career or a professional one, the most important part of your work is in the darkroom set supplies you use. To be able to get the most out of your shots, you need to have all the necessary darkroom set supplies you can get.

Just so you know what darkroom equipment you need to have as a photographer, this article lists the most important ones you need to have in your possession.

1. Reference Books

As a photographer, it is not enough to rely on basic knowledge on photography. Photography is a broad subject and there are thousands of books written about it. One of the most important reference books you should have is a good book on proper darkroom procedures. Make sure these books are written clearly and contain easy to follow instructions.

2. Film Processing Tanks

One of the most important darkroom equipment is a film processing tank that is essential especially during development of films. There are two kinds of film processing tanks: the ones made from stainless steel and the ones made of plastic. Each kind has its own strengths and weaknesses.

3. Chemicals

Darkroom supplies include chemicals that are to be used for film development. There are different types of these chemicals:

4. Items for Film Development

Aside from the chemicals listed above, you would need some miscellaneous items in addition to the other darkroom equipment in this article.

5. Safelights

Safelights are one of the most important darkroom supplies since films can easily be affected by normal light. The best safelight to use is one that is not too dim and not too bright and designed especially for darkroom use.

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