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6 Safety Rules to Enforce at Your Filming Site

If you are the director of a production, then part of your responsibility is to make sure that everyone stays safe. Therefore, it is essential that you enforce some rules at your filming site.

Manage Power Cords

There is usually a multitude of power cords on set locations, and it is very easy for someone to catch a toe under one of them and go for a nasty tumble. Start by making sure that each cord is clearly labeled so that no one accidentally unplugs the wrong one. Use tape, twist ties or cables to keep as many cords running together as possible because it makes them easier to see. Additionally, use gaffer tape to fasten them down frequently. Keep all wires wrapped up properly when they are not in use. Store them in clear bags and boxes that are labeled so that everyone can quickly find the cord that they need.

Dress Professionally

When not in costume, everyone on set should be dressed professionally. Start by insisting on close-toe shoes helping to eliminate injuries should something fall. While it is not necessary for clothing to be overly tight, encourage people to not wear baggy clothing as it can catch equipment resulting in it falling. Once it falls, then someone may trip over it or it can injure someone on the way down.

Manage Traffic

Consider safety when it comes to pedestrians and cars. If you are filming in Atlanta, then make sure that you have arranged ahead of time to get the roads closed during your filming time. Use safety cones to tell people where walking hazards exist. Hiring a special team, like the one from Alt Film Supplies, can help with crowd control. Providing tables and chairs for people to sit at when they are not needed can help control people along with keeping them well rested helping to ensure that there are fewer accidents.

Teach Everyone C-stand Safety

Century-stands have been around film sets since the 1920s. Yet, many people do not know how to set one up properly. The first step in c-stand safety by making sure that people know how they open and how to position heavy equipment on the gobo arm so that the self-tightening screws work properly. Try to keep these stands positioned so that they are out of the traffic flow or stick a bright yellow tennis ball making them more visible. Position them so that the sandbags are not touching the ground.

Think About the Weather

If you are filming at an outside location, consider the weather. If the ground becomes wet, then it can be more difficult to get traction. Consider large tents as set supplies to keep equipment and people dry. In the summer, temperatures can get extremely warm so consider creating an area where people can get out of the sun when they are not needed. Again, a tent may be the perfect option, especially if you air condition it.

There are many set supplies that you will need on your set. Contact Alt Film Supplies to get them.

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