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Sound Equipment to consider for Low-Budget filmmaking

Sound is an essential part of filmmaking. Therefore, the sound quality of film supplies should not be compromised. Quality sound production is crucial to the success of any film. The ability to select the sound you need and cut out the ones you don’t need helps to elevate your video. To isolate sound effectively, you must make use of a separate microphone and not the built-in Microphone of the Camera.

The importance of a separate Microphone

The problem with many of the built-in camera microphones is that it is nearer to you than the source of the sound. The sound you get from the microphone of your camera changes as you move further away from the sound. Apart from that, it has a tendency of picking unwanted sounds that is closer than the primary source of sound.

The main point here is that you need to put the microphone close to the sound source. Even if your film supplies consist of an excellent on-camera microphone, you still have to move close to the source to get quality sound.

Types of Microphones

The Lavalier microphones are worn on clothes. The use of this microphone is an excellent way to get voices recorded during sound production.

The Boya BY-M1 is very cheap and perfect for low budget film making. Apart from that, it has a long lead and a superb output level.

Another Lavalier microphone is the Boya. It is equally cheap, and it can be placed in the pocket for perfect audio recording.

Directional Microphone

Directional microphones are designed to only pick sounds from in the front, cutting out other sounds emanating from other directions.

Examples of budget-friendly directional microphones are Rode NTG-2 and Rode VideoMic Pro.

Wireless Microphones

Radio microphones are quite complex to use. Apart from being complicated, they are generally costly. The wireless microphone is simple, straight forward and does not involve any complex arrangement or setting.

Audio Recorders

The Audio camera is the best option if your camera has just basic sound recording options. A good audio recorder is an excellent sound production equipment to complement other film supplies.

An excellent example of an affordable Audio recorder is the Zoom H1n. Apart from being affordable, it has excellent recording abilities with a built-in stereo microphone. It is ideal for presentations, interviews as well as outdoor drama.


The windshield is a piece of essential sound equipment that can be used to minimize the sound of the wind. They are needed when filming outside. You do not need a foam cover for windshields, all you need is something fury. A furry cover will help with whatever is beyond a gentle breeze.

A good exam of a windshield is Rode Blimp; it is designed to work perfectly with NTG-2, NTG-3, and NTG-4 directional microphones.


Headphones are vital audio equipment that allows you to listen to sound while you record. The Audio Technica’s ATH-M30 is a cheap headphone to consider for low budget filming. It is an essential component of film supplies.

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