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The Secrets of Advertising on YouTube

If you are looking for a new way to promote your Atlanta business, make sure to consider YouTube. The social media platform reaches more adults ages 18 to 49 during prime time than any television channel. It is the world’s second largest search engine finishing behind only Google, and the same company owns both, so content is often cross-promoted. Over 80 percent of customers admit that they have watched at least one YouTube video to help them make a buying decision. Yet, many businesses are reluctant to start using this medium to connect with their target audience. When you work with a company like ATL Film Supplies, you can rent all the set supplies and film equipment that you need at very reasonable prices making YouTube video production an extremely affordable marketing choice.

What to Record for YouTube

There is a vast array of material that you can turn into YouTube videos. Take one of your most popular products and film a video explaining how to use it. You can also compare various options allowing users to decide which options fit their needs the best. You can do videos that answer frequently asked questions or show users unusual ways to use your products. YouTube is a great way to take your customers behind the scenes to showcase how your products are made. You can also use this platform to highlight, in pictures, your company’s values and mission statement helping to build your brand’s identity. In fact, once you get started, you will find a multitude of ideas on your blog to repurpose into YouTube videos making them even more valuable to you.

How to Create the Perfect YouTube Video

As a professional entity, do not chase funny viral videos. Instead, concentrate on providing something that your targeted audience will find valuable. You do not need a peppy intro song unless it adds to the value of your production. Instead, opt to get started with an introduction that will hook your audience by letting them know that you have something valuable to offer them. Name your videos titles that real people will enter YouTube’s search box to reach a larger target audience. Pack your production into a short of time as possible making sure that each sentence and scene adds real value. End with a call-to-action so that viewers know exactly what you want them to do next.

How to Make Your YouTube Video Look Professional

One of the secrets to advertising through YouTube videos is to make your productions look professional. Thankfully, Atlanta has many great filming locations if you decide to leave your brick-and-mortar business. Work with ATL Film Supplies to get all your set supplies, including furniture dollies, generators, and tables, delivered to your site helping to eliminate any hassles. Then, have fun filming your production. Your energy and enthusiasm will wow your audience.

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